Brake Services

Restore Your Stopping Power with Our Brake Services

With the press of the pedal, your brakes scrub off the speed to let you slow down and stop on demand. However, each time you do that, more and more of the brake material wears off all its mating surfaces.

After enough miles, you need to have brake repair services performed to restore your stopping power. Thankfully, our team at Bob’s Automotive is here.

Signs You Need Your Brakes Inspected

Squeaking brakes is the most common reason drivers come into our auto repair shop. But there are actually many signs to watch for when it comes to your braking system’s health.

For example, you might notice that your brake pedal feels softer or firmer than you remember. Or you may have to mash the pedal to the ground to activate its full stopping power. If you check under your car often, you might even see brake fluid dripping out of the calipers, brake lines, or master cylinder.

Whenever you notice a difference in how your brakes feel or sound, it’s time to come into our shop. That goes double for leaking fluids, which can leave you without the ability to stop your car if the system runs dry.

Most Common Brake Repair Services

When kept in good condition, the braking system only needs general maintenance to perform as expected. Depending on your car’s brake setup, you may need to replace the brake pads, get brake rotor repair and replacement, or have new shoes installed in the drums. Ideally, your mechanic will perform these services every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

If anything goes awry in the system, our auto repair technicians can also perform key brake repairs, like the replacement of the:

  • Calipers
  • Brake lines
  • Master cylinder
  • Brake booster
  • ABS control module
  • Wheel speed sensors

Whenever we replace your sensors, modules, and other electronic components, our team will complete the dealer software programming to get the system working right.

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Benefits of Getting Brakes Replaced on Time

When you get brake service and repairs done on time, you can rest assured that your pedal will activate your full stopping power on demand. You won’t even have to use a ton of force to slow your vehicle down and bring it to a stop.

Furthermore, your brakes won’t squeal, growl, and howl, which can break your focus on the road ahead. You’ll just pilot your vehicle with ease, ensuring you get to all your destinations safely and comfortably.

Time to Restore Your Braking Power?

Do you need new brakes or other brake services? If so, we’d love a chance to help you out. Give our team a call at (850) 687-7758 or dop by at 8317 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, FL 32407. We’ll get you on the schedule for a digital vehicle inspection, brake pad replacement, and other auto maintenance services.