Tire and Alignment

Stay Safe on the Road with Our Tire and Alignment Services

As your only contact point with the road, your tires deserve all the care in the world for safely carrying your vehicle from place to place.

You’ll want to start with quality tires designed for your driving needs. Then, set up a service plan to ensure they get rotated and aligned to maintain their performance and extend their life.

Although that might sound like a tall order, our team at Bob’s Automotive is here to help.

Signs You Need Our Comprehensive Tire Services

The most common signs of the need for tire services include:

  • Low tread depth
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Sidewall damage
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Tire pressure warnings

Overall, tires perform at their best when kept in excellent condition with regular maintenance services. So, why wait for things to go awry before reaching out for help?

Set up quarterly visits to our shop for a digital vehicle inspection to stay ahead of the game. After the inspection, we’ll help you find the best times to come by for new tires, tire balancing, tire rotation, wheel alignments, and other key services.

Importance of Completing Regular Wheel Alignments

Regular wheel alignments maximize your tire’s contact patch with the ground and ensure the wheels track the road properly. Your mechanic may set the toe, camber, and caster during the alignment process, depending on your vehicle design.

By having this service performed as recommended, many benefits will come your way, such as:

  • Smoother ride
  • Improved handling
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Extended tire life

You should get tire alignment services whenever you hit a big pothole, need suspension repairs, or get new tires.

If you drive a performance car or lifted truck, you might also want to get alignments done regularly. Your mechanic can help you set the ideal service schedule after a full inspection and learning more about your goals.

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How Our Auto Repair Shop Goes Above and Beyond for Your Car

When you come to our auto repair shop for tires and alignment, you can count on getting the highest quality of service every time.

Our mechanics know how to best equip your car with the right tires and get them aligned right using our Hunter Hawkeye Elite machine. All along the way, they’ll help you protect your investment with preventative maintenance services while boosting your car’s performance.

Time for Tire Services and a Wheel Alignment in Panama City Beach, FL?

If you’d like to improve your car’s performance, handling, and overall drivability, book a visit to our auto repair shop. You can always get in touch with our team by calling (850) 687-7758. You’re also welcome to stop by our shop at 8317 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, FL 32407.